02.04.10 - Comm & Gender - 02.04.10 CHAPTER 3: Language...

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CHAPTER 3: Language Children’s Use of Language - Language serves four functions for chidren: - Directive Function: Concerned with directing actions and operations - I nterpretive Function: Concerned with communicating the meaning of events and situations the child witnesses - Projective Function: Concerned with projecting and exploring situations that the child is not actually experiencing through imagination and past experiences - Relational Function: Concerned with establishing and maintaining relationships among people - Children start to use imagining strategies to create new roles and contexts for their play: - Clip -- Gender Roles - Interviews With Kids - Clip -- Transgender Children (The View) - Children and adolescents tend to learn the rules of appropriate for friendly conversation primarily through same-sex peer groups: - Clip -- Adolescent Self-Concept at Age 16 - Observations: - Imagining Strategies -- How kids create new roles and contexts for play - Self-Maintaining Strategies -- Trying to identify their needs and own self- protection - Other-Emphasizing Strategies -- - Self-Emphasizing Strategies -- Communication Competence - Ability to be appropriate and clear in certain situations. - Dominance/Deficit Approach (Power and oppression) - Lexical traits: Women use more words than men - Phonological traits: Emphasizing the italics - Syntactic-pragmatic characteristics: Grammatically correct - Support for dominance/deficit approach: Tentative speech - Difference/Cultural Approach (Different socialization) - Verbosity: Women as more talkative, questioning more - Interruptions: May be used as dominance or confirming response
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02.04.10 - Comm & Gender - 02.04.10 CHAPTER 3: Language...

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