03.23.10 1 - Nonverbal Communication - 03.23.10 Sustaining...

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Nonverbal Communication - 03.23.10 Sustaining Institutional Realities Social construction of reality - Martian: What is this? - Cultural knowledge - Communicative work - Who are we? - What are we doing here? - How do we understand what is going on? How do we sustain this understanding? - Defining the situation - Framing: Applying a set of pre-established assumptions for seeing, understanding, and interpreting the situations - Explicit naming to identify a frame - Interactional work needed to sustain a frame - Reframing: Changing the definition of the situation - Theater metaphor (Erving Goffman) - Life as theater - Participants as “actors” that “perform” their situational identities with the help of *** - Realities are sustained through collaborative work of everybody involved - Participants negotiate a working consensus (public agreement) about “reality” of the situation - Social interaction constructs and reaffirms what “reality” is *** - What can threaten the “reality”? - Intrusions - Non-cooperation: When participants deliberately decline to validate it - When participants are unable to maintain it - “Precarious” situations - Several definitions of reality that are relevant: “reality” and “counter-realities” - Participants may have several conflicting definitions of “reality” - Process of sustaining reality is more obvious than *** - What communicative practices are used to sustain realities? -
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03.23.10 1 - Nonverbal Communication - 03.23.10 Sustaining...

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