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10.30.08 Blog entry Non-linear media “This week our professor asked us to take a look at this blog. .” launch into something tangible about this blogs relevance to online media or pr marketing a conversation written well where you add your own thoughts to the ideas shared on the blog PSAs (Public Service Announcement) A 30 second PSA video spot Based on ICC concept, an integrated communication campaign based on HeadCount Format: landscape view Table: duration/time relapsed, script, video, camera action, audio (ex: slamming of door) Call to action at the end with number or website to visit **spokes person optional, Dave Matthews, could use as focal point
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Unformatted text preview: Ex: Five Friends on YouTube Dramatic format, no spokes person just an unveiling of what the announcement is about-think about the audience, define it whatever it is-include memo that gives a robust description of the audience-how will you reach them? Where will this run? What channel, local/national, cable news, etc.-why there specifically may be more than one page language- exercise in effective word usage, want as much impact as possible- consider what people affiliate with certain words, how your audience will receive it- trying to persuade, motivate online formate...
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