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9/25/06 The Speeches Lysia’s speech—failed to move us, nothing special about it, nothing good/bad. Repeated himself over and over again o Phaedrus then asked Socrates to make a speech then. Socrates refused a few times but finally agree to do one, but with a bag over his head (wtf?). Socrates’ first speech—move us towards evil o Quotation sounded like the cult thing Socrates’ second speech—move us towards good o Starts to tell us when rhetoric can be an art form o Move us towards good o Tells us that there are two horses and the horses must work together Describes what the god horses are like and what human horses are like god’s horses are always good Humans have to work massively hard to tame him
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Unformatted text preview: Can’t give in to dark side—ie. Star wars. Plato says it’s very easy to get into the bad horse just like how can easily fall into the dark side, due to laziness and etc. He believes that when you’re lazy and don’t seek information, then you are almost as the people who are lying Story of hose and ass o Can persuade people to buy an ass as long as they don’t know it’s bad o Lying to the audience o Sin most people commit however, is because they are LAZY so they don’t find out if what they’re selling is bad or not o It is your responsibility to find out if what you’re presenting to your audience is good or bad o Knowledge comes first...
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