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06 Aristotle - Aristotle Aristotle gives us the definition...

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9/29/06 Aristotle Aristotle gives us the definition about choices Aristotle’s dad a physician who look at things from a very scientific perspective. Since Aristotle like to categorize thing, people describes him as a scientific person—more of a systematic person Plato’s student, Alexander the Great’s tutor, came back to Athens to open a school. Major influence is Plato and Isocrates Have rhetoric from Aristotle’s perspective rhetoric is the counterpart of dialectic Not one is superior to another. The two use in different circumstances Some circumstances where it is not practical to just see to use dialectic, especially when there is a large audience Aristotle’s definition of rhetoric: rhetoric may be define as the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion look at all the possible choices of the means of persuasion Says he think rhetoric is useful for four reasons Maintain true and justice against falsehood Advances public discourse or absolute truth as unknowable Teaches us to see both sides of the issue o If you have a topic with two point of views, you are much better off if you understand both perspective so you can be a lot stronger persuader Self-defense Artistic versus inartistic proofs All the canons in artistic proof Inartistic proofs are the basic information you begin with—the content you are borrowing from other sources Talks further about logos, pathos, ethos Said ethos might be the most persuasive at all Influences your point of view a great deal 3 characteristic o good sense think on the fly, very rational o good moral character o good will good will towards the audience talks about Plato talks belief that message should only be logical is a huge mistake—need emotional attachment
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Campaign about not smoking Images that makes a difference that we see the images o the two lungs o All the medications o Burning cigarette o Hospital and etc o Her little girl o Where she / her little girl crying o When she tries to take all her pill at once o
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