02.23.10 - proxemics

02.23.10 - proxemics - Nonverbal Communication - February...

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Nonverbal Communication - February 23, 2010 PROXEMICS 1: PRIVATE TERRITORIES Proxemics: Study of the use of space (Edward Hall, 1966) - Cross-cultural variations in use of space - Different types of space Territoriality is “an area of space, whether of water or earth or air, which an animal or group of animals defends as an exclusive preserve” (Robert Ardrey, 1966) Importance of territory is tied to survival. Methods for studying proxemics: - Experimental designs - In the lab - In the “wild” (field experiments) - Behavioral vs. attitudinal - Behavioral - their actions - Attitudinal - why they do it, how they feel - Observational studies - Fieldwork Territoriality & Society: - The more space controlled, the greater the status a person has - Territory is a nonverbal power structure - Primary Territory: - You have exclusive control - Secondary Territory: - Not exclusive, but the item/space is associated with you - Mean Girls (2004) - What kind of territories are these? - Secondary, they don’t own the space, it’s just where they sit at lunch - What are the social functions of territoriality? - Determines what status the students are and establishes their identities Types of Territories: (Lyman & Scott) - Public Territory - Territory open to all - You can claim temporary occupancy in a public territory with a marker - Central marker - something you put down in a public territory so no one else takes the area
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02.23.10 - proxemics - Nonverbal Communication - February...

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