09_23_09 lecture (listening)

09_23_09 lecture (listening) - 09/23/09 lecture Listening...

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09/23/09 lecture Listening listening is tied to communication listening is how we process verbal messages lack of listening creates confusion Have you ever been in the following situations? You ask a question and your friends say something. “We were just talking about that. Where have you been?” How many times have you asked the same question multiple times, and you feel bad about asking again. You just were not listening. I. Why listen? Immediately after hearing a presentation, a lesson, or having a conversation with someone, we remember no more than 50% two days later, we will remember no more than 25% we spend more time listening than any other form of communication 53% of time listening 14% writing 16% speaking 17% reading II. Causes of poor listening physical barriers noises outside of your body ex: coughing, sneezing, people talking, construction going on in the building, thunderstorm outside, pen tapping physiological barriers
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This note was uploaded on 02/17/2012 for the course COMM 4329 taught by Professor Cheatham during the Fall '11 term at Texas State.

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09_23_09 lecture (listening) - 09/23/09 lecture Listening...

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