09_28_09 lecture- listening and relationships in progress

09_28_09 lecture- listening and relationships in progress -...

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Critical Thinking cont.: When to be careful hasty generalizations: Jill and Jerome like UW Madison (examples), so you will too! Bandwagon: 50% of UW students don't use umbrellas when it rains, so you shouldn't either (statistic) Plain folks: Politician comes to campus wearing jeans and a UW T shirt claiming s/he is a huge fan and asks for your vote (testimony) using a celebrity → this person likes UW and they are just like you; someone trying to appear just like you to win over your vote or make a specific choice in reality they might not be like you Emphatic Listening (as opposed to pleasurable, discriminative, or critical listening) deep level of listening standing in another's shoes “sounding board” or help solve some problem relationship issue stress homesickness help solve some emotional issue Listening Effectively pay attention show with your body you are listening nonverbals to show you understood nod your head, showing agreement or support maintaining eye contact listen for main ideas withhold judgment- no turning out certain people or topics provide feedback by using mirror and reflective probes 1. mirror: repeats what the person just said; repeat (in your own words) everything that the other person has said 2. reflective: put in your own words what was just said; make meaning out of what was just said (repeat and offer further insight into what the other person has just said) Chapter 8: Relationships in Progress if communication is used effectively, relationships thrive; if communication is used ineffectively, there will be conflict and this can even cause the relationship to end
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09_28_09 lecture- listening and relationships in progress -...

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