09_30_09 interpersonal comm.

09_30_09 interpersonal comm. - 09/30/09 lecture...

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09/30/09 lecture Interpersonal Communication I. Defining interpersonal communication quantitatively: 2 people this definition is missing qualitative information → different from every casual encounter you have, interpersonal relationships have more meaning qualitatively: unique, irreplaceable, interdependence (what one person does affects the other person in the relationship), adequate disclosure (communicating enough about different topics and going into detail about these topics) ex: a cashier at a gas station (impersonal interpersonal communication), your teammate, person sitting next to you in class, your roommate, your best friend II. Relationship Rules norms norms: rules for how to behave in a relationships how often do you talk? How much do you touch? What do you do when you get together? Rules: norms that apply to a specific type of relationships lover-lover friend-friend manager-employee mother-daughter dentist-patient teacher-student cashier-shopper
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09_30_09 interpersonal comm. - 09/30/09 lecture...

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