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PUBLIC RELATIONS ETHICS IN SOCIETY How do we talk about Ethics? (Cf. Bayles, M. (1982). Professional Ethics, chap.2, pp. 17-31.) A.Choices (or Decisions) are what we are concerned about in Ethics, in terms of whether a Choice is right or wrong. B.Value (s) – What is (or is considered) worthwhile or desirable. 1. Perceived as being at various levels of importance, that is, some Values are more important than others. 2.Examples: freedom, community, health, dry feet, warm puppies. 3.Values serve as a basis for justifying Ethical Norms. C. Ethical Norm (s) – “The most general term for criteria for evaluating . . . conduct,” behavior, as ethically right or wrong (Bayles, p. 17). 1. The terms “conduct” and “behavior” refer to the pattern or sum of one’s life, as manifested by the accumulation of his or her individual acts. 2. Obligation (s) – The term used “. . . to express the requirements of [Ethical] Norms. . . . Obligations prescribe [require] or proscribe [prohibit] actions . . .” (Bayles, p.
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