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The Ten Commandments of Multicultural Studies 1. No historical event occurs in a vacuum: American history is one of “contact, collaboration, conflict, interdependency” 2. American history is not merely a black/white binary. (Ex: Native Americans have been present prior to all other American groups.) “White” itself is not synonymous with “privileged.” (German/Russian/Jewish/Irish) 3. Stereotyping has been deployed by many groups to maintain social, political and economic division. 4. Multicultural Studies scholars borrow. “Multiculturalism,” then, is interdisciplinary. 5. Multicultural Studies scholars view literature not merely as a work of art, but also
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Unformatted text preview: as historical and cultural work. 6. We must expand our idea of “literature.” 7. Multicultural Studies scholars are interested both in histories of oppression and how those who are oppressed have overcome obstacles and impediments. 8. Multicultural Studies complicates the idea of America as a melting pot. 9. Multicultural Studies is concerned with the process of constructing a new American identity. 10. What it means to be an American is constantly questioned. Barbara McCaskill, Ph.D. Multicultural Criticism and Feminist Pedagogy University of Georgia 10 September 2003...
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