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comm writing10.20.08

comm writing10.20.08 - COM Writing 10.20.08*Make-up Class...

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COM Writing 10.20.08 *Make-up Class Feature Article reference middle east venue, “seat of the ivy league” three people at the least Email PR Pitch superLAN, new product of EMC being launched on the same day EMC is a gorilla in the market place, comparable to Microsoft The dilemma : EMC has launched superLAN the same day as Web Space while Web Space is clearly the superior product. You need to make sure Web Space gets the news coverage by sending out an email PR pitch to anyone who has covered superLAN either on our distribution list or not Go online and find someone in the tech media who has covered data storage, have them write the below article “superLAN: the answer to ISPs’ data storage needs” write email pitch to Skinner saying I saw your article on superLAN today… I really agree with you that data storage for ISPs’ are becoming monumental. I want to direct you to a product that addresses this issue more appropriately, called Web Space -
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