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Isomers and Conformations 9.28.11

Isomers and Conformations 9.28.11 - cis-and trans Practice...

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Susie Lee ([email protected]) Isomers and Conformations SI sessions CHEM 222 Sun 6-7p BLOC 105 9/28/11 6-7p Mon 6-7p BLOC 105 Wed 6-7p BLOC 105 1. What is a conformation ? 2. What is a constitutional isomer ? 3. What is a stereoisomer ? 4. What is the difference between
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Unformatted text preview: cis-and trans-? Practice Problems: Name the following organic molecules. Draw the following organic molecules. Cis-1-ethyl-2-isobutylcyclopentane Trans-1-s-butyl-2-propylcyclohexane...
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