Lipids 2.24.11

Lipids 2.24.11 - Which has the higher melting point Why A...

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Susie Lee ([email protected]) Lipids SI sessions CHEM 222 Mon 7-8p HECC 209 2/24/11 7-8p Tues 7-8p HECC 200 Thurs 7-8p HECC 201 Lipid Picture Chemical Structure Details Fatty Acid Palmitic acid Stearic acid Oleic acid Wax Triglyceride Phospholipid glycerophospholipi d spingolipid *ceramide *glycolipid Steroids What is the difference between saturated, monosaturated, and polysaturated?
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Unformatted text preview: Which has the higher melting point? Why? A) Palmitic acid vs. Stearic acid B) Stearic acid vs. Oleic acid How do trans fats influence chlolesterol? Animal fats are __________ (solid, liquid, gas) while vegetable fats are __________ (solid, liquid, gas). Why? What is a triglyceride used for? What is an emulsifying agent?...
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