Practice Problems 10.26.11

Practice Problems 10.26.11 - corresponding conjugate base...

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Susie Lee ([email protected]) Practice problems SI sessions CHEM 222 Sun 6-7p BLOC 105 10/24/11 6-7p Mon 6-7p BLOC 105 Wed 6-7p BLOC 105 Practice Problems: Identify the organic molecule using IUPAC rules. When possible, give the common name in addition to the IUPAC name. Follow up questions: Put an asterisk* next to the above molecules that are acidic. For those that are acidic, draw its
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Unformatted text preview: corresponding conjugate base. Approximately in what pH would the conjugate base exist? Esters are formed from the reaction, fischer esterification. For the esters above, draw the two reactants that would form the ester....
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