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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 5 WORD PART OF ABBREVIAT ION MEANING COMPOUND TERM & MEANING A- Without or lack of a/men/orrhea=without or lack of/monthly/flow Ab- Away (away from) Ab/norm/al= away (away from(/normal or regular/refers to Ab/ducens=away/draw or lead-able Capable of or ability to Erg/able= work/capable of **related term(s): -IBLE Abort/io- To miscarry (natural or induced) Abort/ion=to miscarry (natural or induced)/procedure of or process of (discharge of the embry/o early or fet/us young deliberate or not) Abrupt/io- To tear away from Abruptus placentae= to tear away from (separate quickly)/cake Abscess A going away Abscess= a going away (tissue disintegration & displacement: staph infection forming pus) Acne Pointed Acne/form=pointed/shape (bacterial inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous oil gland. Similar infections may cause acne or form lesions) Acoust/i- Hearing Acoust/ic=hearing/refers to **related term(s): AUDI- Acr/o- Extremities, height, and pointed Acro/megal/y=extremities/enlarged/refers to Acro/phob/ia=height/fear/refers to Acr/om/ial=extremity/shoulder/refer to (lateral triangle spine-like projection of shoulder blade forming the point of shoulder & articulating with clav/icle key little or collarbone) Actin/o- Sun, ray, radium Action/myco/sis=sun,ray,radium/fungus/condition (growth) Acu- Sharp Acu/ity=sharp/process of (seeing sharply or clearly) Acute=quick, sudden, sharply-ac Refers to, pertains to, or state of Cardi/ac=heart/refers to, pertains to, or state of **related term(s): -AL, -AR, -ARY, -ATE, -EUM, -IAC, -IC, -ICAL, -ILE, -IS, -IUM, -ORY, -OUS, -UM, -US Ad- Near or beside Ad/ren/al=near or beside/kidney/refers to (the ad/ren/al gland is located on top of the kidney) Aden/o- Gland Aden/ectomy=gland/removal (the following are common glands: lymph nodes, oil, sweat, and endocrine) Adip/o- Fat Adip/oma=fat/tumor (AKA lip/oma) **related term(s): STEATO-, LIPO- Aer/o- Air or gas Aero/cele=air or gas/distension of cavity (like a tumor) Af- Toward Af/ferent=toward/to carry (nerve or blood flow toward a structure) Alb/o- White Albin/ism=white/state of (albo-, leuco-, leuko- all mean white) Alges/i- Pain An/alges/ic=without/pain/refers to **related term(s)= -AGRA, -ALGIA, DOLO-, -DYNIA-algia Pain Neur/algia=nerve/pain **related term(s): -AGRA, ALGESIA-, DOLO-, -DYNIA Alopec/i- Fox mange or baldness Alopec/ia=fox mange or baldness/refers to Alveol/i- Cavity Alveol/us=small hollow or cavity (tooth socket and lung air sack)/refers to **related term(s): SIN/O- Ambi- Both Ambi/later/al=both/sides/refers to Ambi/dextr/ous=both/right(dominant hand)/refers to or state of (dextero=right, sinistro=left) Ambul/o- To walk Ambul/atory=to walk or walking/process of Amphi- Both Amphi/arthr/osis=both sides/joint/condition of Amylo- Starch Amyl/uria=starch/in urine Amyl/ase=starch/enzyme An- Lack of or without An/orex/ia=lack of or without/appetite/refers to An/o- Ring An/al=ring(sphincter of anus)/refer to Ana- Apart or up...
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