CHAPTER 6 - The surgical terms Lamin/ectomy and...

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The surgical terms Lamin/ectomy and Rachi/o/tomy actually mean excision of posterior vertebral arch and cutting the vertebral column . The term chiro/pract/or literally means one who practices by hand . The surgical term that means fusing together of the spine (vertebrae) is spondyl/o/syn/desis . The surgical term phalang/ectomy pmeans excision of a finger or toe bone- digit . The surgical term that means “incision into the skull to drain fluid” is cranio/centesis . The surgical term that actually means “surgically breaking joint apart” is arthroclasia . CTS and TTS are abbreviations for carpal or tarsal tunnel syn/drom (sign and symptom complex). The term dys/chrondro/plas/ia literally refers to faulty cartilage formation . The term for x-ray film (recording) of a joint is arthro/gram . The procedural term that means visual examination inside a joint is arthroscop/y . The medical term “gangli/ec/tom/y” means procedure of cutting out a knot . A physician who uses techniques and treatments common to Medical Doctors and Chiropractic Physicians is a(n) oste/o/path . The modern medical term for a specialist who treats and diagnoses foot disease and disorders such as corns, bunions, claw foot, ingrown toenails, and par/onych/itis is a chiro/pod/ist. A more current name would be pod/iatr/ist . The diagnostic term spondylo/listh/esis literally and actually means vertebrae/slippage/condition . The diagnostic term Bunion (turnip sac) actually means inflamed bursa of the big toe’s metatarsophalangeal joint . The diagnostic term Housemaid’s Knee means inflamed bursa below the knee – related to an occupation . The healing specialty that emphasizes a system of therapy based on the manipulation of the vertebral column and other bones of the body by hand is chiropractic . The medical term that means an artificial substitute or addition replacing a missing body part
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CHAPTER 6 - The surgical terms Lamin/ectomy and...

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