CHAPTER 10 - The diagnostic term Seb/orrhea Dermat/itis is...

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The diagnostic term Seb/orrhea Dermat/itis is also known as dandruff . The diagnostic term Geriatric Alopecia actually means “old age” baldness “fox mange” . The disease term Anthrax literally means coal or carbuncle “lesion” . The diagnostic term Cheil/it is literally means inflammation of the lip . The diagnostic term Acne Vulgaris literally means pointed and common . The procedural term Dermatoplasty includes face lifts, eyelid drooping, and belly tucks surgery. The combining forms that mean “nail” are unguin/o- or onycho- . The combining forms cutane/o- (cutaneous), pel/o- (pellagra), -derm- (ep/iderm/is and dermat/itis), and cut/i- (cuticle) all mean skin . The term Nettles, Hives, or Urticaria “allergic reaction” refers to a rash that may be characterized by wheals. The coiled tubular structures arising from the dermis that excrete sweat are the sudoriferous glands . The outer layer of skin is called the epidermis . Melan/o/cytes in the stratum basale layer of the epidermis produce Melanin (means black like nigra), which is responsible for skin color . The layer of skin that is sometimes referred to as true skin is the dermis or cutis . The compound diagnostic term “derma/myc/osis” actually means an extensive skin fungus condition, state of, or infection . The compound term “Sebo/aden/itis” literally means inflamed oil gland . The combining forms Hidr/o- and Sudero- both mean sweat . The surgical term Rhytid/ec/tom/y literally means procedure of cutting out wrinkles . The suffix that means berry shaped is –coccus . Chiggers are also referred to as redbugs or red mites . These six-legged mites are parasitic on insects, vertebrates, and man. They attach to the skin where they secrete saliva that causes itching, wheals, and dermatitis. The diagnostic term that means localization of pus is abscess “tissue goes away”
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CHAPTER 10 - The diagnostic term Seb/orrhea Dermat/itis is...

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