CHAPTER 13 - The diagnostic term that means painful...

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The diagnostic term that means painful menstrual discharge is dys/men/o/rrhea . The combining forms that mean “Abdomen or Belly” are celi/o-, lapar/o-, and abdomen/o- . The diagnostic term that means State of Undescended Testes is cryptorchidism . The surgical term that actually means male sterilization is vasectomy . The diagnostic term Mastectomy literally means breast/out/cut/procedure . The name of the structure that contains arteries, veins, lymphatics, nerves, ductus deferens, and suspends the testes in the scrotum is the spermatic cord . The male secretory structures that produce a fluid necessary for adequate sperm motility after ejaculation are called the seminal vesicles and prostate gland . The diagnostic term “urinary reflux ” is the backward movement of urine from the bladder into the ureter or from the ureter into the kidney. The term “Glomerulonephritis” is an inflamed function unit of the kidney (Bowman’s capsule structures) and is classified as acute, chronic or subacute . The diagnostic term that actually means “lack of a male erection or the ability to copulate (diminished blood flow into penile caverns)” is: im/potence-no power .. The term that means twisted (enlarged & distorted) spermatic cord veins (in scrotum) is diagnosed by palpating (feeling) worm-like veins is called varicocele . An infectious sexually transmitted infection (STI) characterized by gum-like body lesions (gummas) appearing in the tertiary (3 rd ) stage of the disease (these Lues appear on multiple body parts and organs) is called syphilis . The surgical sterilization procedure that is regularly used to render an individual unable to produce offspring is called vasectomy in males and tubal ligation in women . The diagnostic term “A/men/o/rrhea” actually means absence of or a lack of a monthly menstrual
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CHAPTER 13 - The diagnostic term that means painful...

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