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BIOL 351 Fall 2011 Fungi Study Questions 1) What are the characteristics that distinguish fungi from other groups of eukaryotic organisms? a. Spore-bearing, absorptive nutrition, lack of chlorophyll, can reproduce sexually and asexually, chemoorganotrophs, not photosynthetic, secrete digestive enzymes and take up small soluble products, unique cell wall (polysaccharides, chitin, NAM polymers). 2) What does the term monophyletic mean? How does it apply to the fungi? a. Monophyletic refers to organisms that arose from a single common ancestor. Fungi are thought to be monophyletic, arising from a common ancestor with oomycetes (water molds) and myxomycetes (slime molds). 3) Explain how fungi obtain nutrients from the environment? a. Fungi obtain nutrients from dead organic material by releasing degradative enzymes into the environment and absorb the soluble products (osmotrophy). 4) What role do fungi play in recycling of nutrients in the environment? a.
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