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Dear Professor King

Dear Professor King - the scenes However I was very glad to...

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Dear Professor King: During this writing process for the descriptive essay, I got to once again remember this tragic and sad event and remind me that we always have to be careful on the road. My main weakness was the organization. I had difficulty in putting the scenes into the right place and time. I had many scenes in my head, but I had troubles with putting into the sentence s and making it sound like the reader was really in that situation. Also, The common criticism from my evaluation that was given by my classmates was on the more description on
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Unformatted text preview: the scenes. However, I was very glad to know my weakness and fix it to the right one. My classmates wrote that the essay was an overall good essay. I was glad to hear that the essay was very realistic and detailed. I also read it over and over again so that I do not have any mistakes in grammar Overall, the writing process helped me to develop a better essay in the end. Compared to my rough draft, my final essay has changed a little bit, but not whole lot in the story. I believe this essay was a challenge to me. Sincerely, Hyun Jun Chung...
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