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Writing Exercise for Essay 2 1. - Bus was stopped in the middle of the road - Bunch of police cars parked next to the bus - A boy lying down with the blood all over - Many people gathered to see what had happened - A person who was taking photos of that boy and that situation 2. – the sirens - People screaming, shouting, and crying - My father’s mad voices - Sound of taking photos - Polices talking to the bus driver
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Unformatted text preview: 3. - cold- Dizzy- Disgusted- 4. – the smell of blood- The smoke from the bus- The smell of firing for people to stay away from the incident Audience and Perspective: I am an outsider. My audience is for people who just cross the line without the signal and do not watch out for the coming cars. I would like my audience to know before the reading that this is a true story that did not have to happen, but happened because of one’s thoughtless choice....
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