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How to 3 - Jessica Gimbel May 5 2011 English 100 Kai...

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Jessica Gimbel May 5, 2011 English 100 Kai Carlson-Wee How to Jump High Sportsmanship. Teamwork. Cooperation. Running track and field doesn’t exactly incorporate traditional team-like values. Track and field is a tiring and challenging sport because it is mentally and physically demanding. It is tough but it is also rewarding. High jumping is a particular field event of track and field that forces you to look deep inside yourself to decide how to overcome the height of the bar. High jumping is a workout for the body, the mind and the spirit. When you complete a workout in high jump, you are strengthening your body, relaxing your mind and toughening your spirit. High jumping requires you to finish a workout so that you can approach the bar knowing that you can defeat it every time you take a jump. High jumping is significant in track and field because it is the only individual field event that imparts both technical and mental skills, which allow one’s body the privilege of learning the importance of exercise in life. There are many parts that make up the jump. Firstly, you need to learn the technical skills. Initially, it is important to remember the steps. Start on the left side of the bar. Run ten paces backwards because you have to take ten steps toward the bar in your approach. Your approach must curve to the right on your sixth step and that is when you start leaning away from the bar while still keeping your center of gravity upright by tightening your core. Swing your arms backward on the ninth step and on the tenth step, dig your heal into the track for your launch and throw your knee in unison with your arms to make a ninety degree angle. Throw your head back in midair, which will force your back to arch over the bar. Thrust your hips up and kick your legs high so you do not hit
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the bar on your way down toward the pit. Land on your back and crawl off the side of the mat. Now that you’ve cleared the bar using your approach, continue to go through the
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