how to essay - become the new “boot cut”). Examine the...

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Jessica Gimbel 2/24/11 English 100 How to Shop for Jeans You’ve grown a little. Your jeans are too short. Maybe a little tight near the belt area. Take some time to either reflect on how you’ve grown, or cry about how you’ve put on weight. Wear sweatpants for a few days, and mop around a bit. After day three get out of your house, wallet in hand. Go to E-Street, the store with all the jeans in Highland Park! Ignore all of the annoying salespeople who are there to force you to buy incredibly expensive brand name jeans. Make your way to the sale section. Brush past the bratty seventh graders looking through the Michael Star shirts and Free City sweat wear. Arrive at the sale table refreshed and ready to try on. Find your size, or the next size up (I know it’s difficult but it’s better than wearing jeans where the button won’t close), and browse through the selected items. See a pair of Citizens with a skinny leg (since “skinny” has
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Unformatted text preview: become the new “boot cut”). Examine the wash, but like them because that’s all you’ve got. Start for the dressing room and again avoid all contact with the salespeople. Thank God for the mirror that is inside your dressing room. Try on the dark blue wash Citizens. Be able to the button them, and then take a look. Stand on your tiptoes to elongate your legs to make the jeans look just a little bit nicer on you. If you like them, do a turn around and check out how the back looks. Make your decision based on your first impression of the look and take them off. Don’t spend too much time deciding if they look good or bad. Time allows you to change your mind and when you change your mind once, you’ll never make a decision. Look at the price tag. Affordable. Brand name jeans that happen to look great! Walk to the cash register. Leave E-Street and go home to change for dinner. Remember to wear your new jeans....
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how to essay - become the new “boot cut”). Examine the...

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