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meaningful moment2 - Jessica Gimbel 2/17/11 English 100...

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Jessica Gimbel 2/17/11 English 100 Flash I put on my sunglasses and let my hair down. The top was down and my hair blew backward in the wind. The beating sun reflected the shinny black paint that coated the car. I felt its rays on my bare skin while consciously appreciating the summer heat. At eighty miles per hour, we were cruising down the farmland roads of northern Wisconsin. My friend and co-worker, Jack, kept glancing at his iPhone for directions on how to get us back to camp. The road was clear and the four of us let go of all our stress that had gathered from spending so much time with our campers for the past six days. Being a counselor for a cabin of twelve-year-old girls at an eight-week sleep away camp becomes tiring very quickly, so days off are always treasured and spent relaxing. My friends Jack, Ben, Jacob and I spent the day in Wausau, Wisconsin, which is about an hour and half away from camp in Eagle River, Wisconsin. After an exciting day of shopping and fine dining, we were ready to get back to camp and start another fun week of activities and programming. Jack turned up the radio and a popular song came on. The four of us began singing along as I leaned back in my seat and threw my arms up in satisfaction. I felt calm, as if nothing in the world could touch me and bring me down. I smiled, finally feeling relaxed. Jack drove a stick shift car. After a long and adventurous day, Jack was tired but proceeded to drive back anyway because the three of us did not know how to drive stick. After about thirty minutes of driving down long and boring roads while glancing at his map-quest, Jack had grown weary and I could sense his eyes drooping. There are moments in life that occur for no reason and then there are those
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moments that happen in order to teach us lessons. My stress free moment ruptured in a mere moment because of Jack carelessly speeding that day. This sudden shake forced me
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meaningful moment2 - Jessica Gimbel 2/17/11 English 100...

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