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Jessica Gimbel March 24, 2011 English 100 Kai Carlson-Wee Outline I. Intro A. High jumping imparts both mental and technical skills that enable the body the privilege of learning the importance of exercise on the mind and the body in life. II. First body paragraph B. There are many parts that make up the jump and in order to jump, you need to know the technical skills. 1. Number of steps 2. The curve of the approach 3. Off the track, set new goals for high jumping III Second body paragraph C. Yes, high jumping requires skills and a lot of practice but more importantly it requires devotion. 1. Three chances of clearing the bar a. How to respond to a miss for your first attempt 2. Muscle memory and mentality 3. Ignoring your senses to focus calmly 4. Reaching a new height a. What two inches looks like physically and mentally
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Third body paragraph D. After learning the technicalities of high jumping and mastering the mentality of keeping calm, you can realize the life skills high jumping provides. 1. Overcoming obstacles 2. Trying again after a failed attempt 3. Giving your best in areas of your life 4. Be ready to embrace the next part of your life if change is on the way E. High jumping teaches you these life skills in how it prepares you mentally 1. Leader 2. Capabilities 3. Reaching for your highest possibilities V. Conclusion F. You do not need sportsmanship, you do not need teamwork and you do not need cooperation to high jump. 1. Perseverance 2. Determination 3. Quality 4. New personal record for tomorrow...
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