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Jessica Gimbel April 12, 2011 English 100 Kai Carlson-Wee 10% Difficult and 90% Awesome: The Lack of Preparation in Incoming College Students Your paper was well developed and had great supporting evidence. Your topic was unique and interesting because as a reader, I underwent the same process and also found it very frustrating. You back up your argument thoroughly and use a lot of textual support for your cause. I liked how you involved different angles within your argument. You discussed the problems with how high schools prepare students in terms of college level courses especially in math and English. You also talked about how students are often shocked upon arrival at college because of the huge scale changes they undergo without any prior knowledge. I felt your thesis could use some work. The first half of the thesis is a little confusing when you say “of high school teaching curriculums and false pretenses”. I was confused what false pretenses meant. Also your thesis doesn’t include any statement about students’ experiences once they get to college but you discuss it heavily at the end of your paper, so I suggest including more about that side of your argument in your thesis. As I read your paper I found minor words changes for example on page 1 at the beginning of the 2
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responces PG3 - Jessica Gimbel English 100 Kai Carlson-Wee...

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