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Jessica Gimbel March 24, 2011 English 100 Kai Carlson-Wee Writers Memo For this paper I wanted to discuss how high jumping, a sport I participated in for four years in high school, is both mental and physical. I started the essay by talking about the technicalities required to accomplish success with high jumping. These skills require practice and devotion to the sport. I then talked about how high jumping becomes more mental than physical when it comes to competition and keeping a positive attitude. I wanted to focus more on the mental side of high jumping because I believe that most people can master the technical skills while only some are able to maintain a calm attitude about high jumping. After I discussed the physical and mental parts of high jumping I then wanted to explain how the skills that I acquired from the sport that have helped me off of the track and how I know will help me later in life. I talked about how to
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Unformatted text preview: apply the idea of trying again to different aspects of life. I wanted to get the point across that high jumping teaches life skills as much as the high jumper herself wants to learn them. I believe the overall message of my essay was to convey a sense of purpose. High jumping gave me an identity as a person who isnt afraid of failing and trying again. It has taught me how to structure my decisions around the idea that I may not be making the right ones. Learning from my mistakes has allowed me the opportunity to make the right decisions later in my life. I intended to write this essay to anyone. I think the voice and message that is portrayed allows the essay to reach teenagers who actually can run track and in field in high school and also adults who are at the point in their lives where they have to make the decisions that I discussed in the end of my essay....
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