26 ss - 26/10/2010 13:24:00 ← 10/26 ← Post Midterm –...

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Unformatted text preview: 26/10/2010 13:24:00 ← 10/26 ← Post Midterm – Population Geographies /demographic trends ← Weekly outline: ← Introduction to pop geo ← Measuring pop distribution and change ← World pop growth ← Demographic transitions in core and periphery • Developmentalism ← Popluation in the news: • 1. AARP sponsoring republican presidential candidate • 2. Economic recession and delayed marriage in the US • 3. Aging of pop in core and semi-peripheral economies • 4. pop decline in the Midwest and loss of 6 seats/political power in the house of rep. as a result of last census • 5. India using cash bonuses to reduce birthrates ← Questions: ← 1. What is population geography? ← 2. Globalization and uneven-ness in pop trends, impacts ← 3. Demographic measurements: balancing equations, distribution, density, age pyramids, fertility and mortality ← 4. Demographic Transitions in the core and periphery • Graying of the core • Continued rapid growth in periphery ← ← Introduction: • Population geo is related to demography o The study of the characteristics of human pop (age, gender, ethnicity, education, occupation structure, etc NOT JUST fertility, mortality, migration) •...
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26 ss - 26/10/2010 13:24:00 ← 10/26 ← Post Midterm –...

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