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Jessica Gimbel Geography 101/Section 312 November 17, 2010 1. The forces that drive urbanization are conditions such as central business districts and slum areas, global terrorism, and systems that include financial capitals. These forces have changed over time due to events such as 9/11. The transformation of Manhattan post 9/11 led to the question of what do with the site of the World Trade Center. Before 9/11 people were attracted to the city because of its business center and once the twin towers were gone this reason became less explicit. Forces are different in the core than in the periphery in the current world system. This can be seen most clearly in the example of slums. Densely populated regions in the periphery, megacities, are slums, which are overpopulated and undernourished. Urban areas in the core are central business locations such as Chicago or New York Cities that attract people because of work and location. Slums in the periphery attract people because of poverty. 2.
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