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essay second - remains responsible for the introduction of...

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language for drivers. With such a successful and reliable business, what could have gone wrong? The introduction of global positioning systems from strictly military to domestic uses has not only moved the commodity from a Fordist era into a post-Fordist era but also has hurt mapping companies like Rand McNally economically. With the widespread use of websites such as Map Quest, mapping companies couldn’t compete with the faster techniques of finding directions. Rand McNally consequently downsized its company. In 2003, the company had to file for bankruptcy in order to pay off its debts. Since the late 20 th century mapping has become somewhat of a less desirable institution due to high tech advances such as GPS. Specialized skills were needed to create a perfectly accurate map of a city but as machinery started to out compete man’s capabilities during the shift to the post-Fordist society, it became very easy to produce a GPS system in the work place where worker’s skills were not as essential to the production of the product. GPS quickly fell into the post-Fordist system because the amount of power and money required to produce GPS systems has spurred industrialization in countries as well as kick-started many economies. Once a satellite has accurately been placed in space, it is the job of people that could work in monopolized companies on Earth to manufacture the GPS systems. In a post-Fordist society, map making can’t survive because advanced technologies put it out of business. Today there is a strong emphasis on who is going to buy the product, not who the company should sell the product to. GPS, in its early stages, was geared toward the wealthy because of how expensive a system cost to make. Now flexible production of GPS has overwhelmed the map-making industries.
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essay second - remains responsible for the introduction of...

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