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Jessica Gimbel November 3, 2010 Geography 101/Section 312 Proposal Essay #2 For my essay, I would like to research the demographic changes in India by comparing how these changes have occurred in core countries. I will research how the core countries dealt with demographic shifts and what they did right and wrong to support a growing population. This proposal is geographical in the sense that the study of population geography and continual changes to it affect how globalization occurs in peripheral nations. Without expanding populations, the stretching of social relations, the
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Unformatted text preview: intensification of flows and the increasing interpenetration of global institutions can’t occur. For this essay I will use academic sources from the UW library databases. I will research using Academic Search Premier, GoogleScholar, and I will search databases that will provide examples of how changes in demographics of certain countries such as India affect economics (Business Source Premier) and international affairs (LexisNexis journal)....
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