FinalExam - HORT study of garden culture intense cultivation of plants It influences humans in food/drink photosynthesis/O medicine furniture

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HORT: study of garden culture, intense cultivation of plants. It influences humans in: food/drink, photosynthesis/O, medicine, furniture, recreation, religion, literature, holidays, habitat, air quality. Fields : fruit, flower (herbaceous ornamental) spices/herbs/medicinals, vegetables, turf, trees (woody ornamentals) History: 10K y/o food crop 4K y/o ornamentals. Cultivation: NA- walnuts, pecans, SF seeds, cranberries. China- rice, soybean, banana. Af- coffee, oil palm, okra. First horts- Averro, Langely-mazes, Bartram-cross bred. FEATURES: all living organisms have: metabolism, growth and reporduction (asexual), food, change in env’t. Parts: Seed - living but dormant. cotyledon: source of food, radical: root. Monocot-II venation, flower in 3s (corn) Dicot (bean seed). Angio/gynmosperm- protection of seed: closed seeds flowering plants(fruits- fleshy/dry); naked seeds: conifers (gingko, cones). Dispersal: wind, water, birds, animals. Large seeds produce slower, predation, planted deepr, hard dispersal. Root- anchorage/absorption/conduction/storage. Tap root- modified, deep to w/stand drought (carrot) Fibrous Root- wider (corn). Advantious Root- grows off stem (corn) N Fix’n- pull up N on legumes (pods) fix soil. Meristem - growing tip of plant(cell division) Apical shoot M-grass; Axillaries M, Apical root M. Shoot -plant growth + reproduction. Stem - conduction monocot- vasucular bundles-bunched, floral parts in 3s (autum crocus) dicot-vb-ring, floral parts in 4s. Storage modified (potato, dahlia, gladiolus, corm) Tuber- potato, above ground. Rhizome- ginger, below ground. Leaves- simple-single leaf blade, undivided, one ax. bud. Compound- x leaf blade, dividied, 1 ax. Bud. Pinnate-net ven., leaflets come out at various pts. Palmate-II net ven. Leaflet out of palm of stem-central. Arrangement- alternate-1/node, opposite-2/node, whorl-3/node. Flower repro: 4 whorls= sepals, petals, stamen, pistil(carple). Incomplete-1or>whorls missing. Imperfect-only one sex part. Cant have imperfect and complete flowers. moneicious- sex on same plant. POLLINATION : Pollan lands on stigma from anther. Tubes form, goes down style. Fertilizes ovule. Fruit- fleshy: simple - berry(tomato), pepo(cantalope), pome(apple), drupe(peach). Complex (fleshy indehiscent): aggregate, multiple Dry : dehiscent-ripens and dries out (grains, legumes), indehiscent-seed never dries (corn, SF. PLANT ORGANS : shared-nucleus, mitochondria, rhibosome, plastide. Unique to plants- Cell Wall : provides celluloic ethanol, photosyn, vascular dead/live cells. Chloroplasts - photosyn. Tissue: Dermal- cuticle, trichomes, stomata/guard cells. Vascular- conducting- Xylem : move water, dead@maturity. Phloem : move organic mat. living. Conduct by transpiration -loss of water by evaporation, cools plant 98% water used. Prevent t: cool temp, less humidity, less wind, less bright light, more stomata open/closing. Absorption: roots – by soil(sandy retain < clay) FAMILIES : Sunflower: aggregate/composite
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FinalExam - HORT study of garden culture intense cultivation of plants It influences humans in food/drink photosynthesis/O medicine furniture

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