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Jessica Gimbel - part of your body other than that busted...

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Jessica Gimbel English 169/Section 308 October 19, 2010 Terms Term: Memory Definition: Recalling of specific events. Memory is unreliable because we interpret the past depending on where we are in the present. We also repress events that happened if we don’t want to remember them. Memory is a necessary component of identity but identity is constructed, therefore we live in multiple fragments. (Multiple personalities connected by multiple experiences that hold together through stories or constructs). Context: Memory discussed “Memento Mori” Example from text: “How many times do you have to hear the news before some other
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Unformatted text preview: part of your body, other than that busted brain of yours, starts to remember?” (Nolan 188). Significance: The author discusses memory in terms of an inability to have one. The main character, Earl, can’t remember his past life so he uses his letter writer to remember for him. He may not remember because he doesn’t want to or because of an injury that the reader is unaware of. The use of multiple voices in the text allows Earl to get a closer understanding of his identity....
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