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05 GoldStarCaseSolution - Gold Star Inc Solution r Ann...

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Gold Star, Inc. Solution r: 2/23/06 Ann Riley was hired last month as the new Human Resources (HR) manager at Gold Star, Inc. During her first week on the job, she was given an Excel spreadsheet that the previous HR manager had used to store Human Resources data. Gold Star has not had someone help the human resources department who understands how to organize and discipline data. This spreadsheet is the official and only information source available Ann. However, as Ann began to use the spreadsheet, she was confused by some of the information that it contained. Look at the following problems that confront Ann as she tried to use the data file. 1. Ann received a memo stating that employee # 109-87-6543 was given a pay increase of $10,000. Update the record for this employee to reflect the pay raise. Look carefully at the data for Emily Wood and Harold Foster? What is the problem with having two people with the same unique identifier? Solution: A DBMS enforces unique key values which saves many problems. Imagine how many problems having two customers with the same ID, or two tax payers with the same ID can cause. 2. Harold Foster is coming in for his performance review next week. Ann wants to know what his current salary is. Can she tell from the data? Why not? Solution:
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05 GoldStarCaseSolution - Gold Star Inc Solution r Ann...

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