Syllabus - Dr. Douglas Dean: 786 TNRB (Mondays and...

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Dr. Douglas Dean: 786 TNRB (Mondays and Wednesdays, 2-3 pm) 801-830-8677, Hannah Bagley: Ty Anderson: Homework Submissions Only: Course Information (rev. 4/26/11) Course Description The topics covered in the course are applicable to students in all majors and will be useful to you throughout both your educational and professional career. This course is valuable because information technology is arguably the biggest driver of change in our world. The ability to collect, use, and share information is having dramatic effects on all of our professional and personal lives. Information systems are changing the way we work, the types of jobs we do, and how we communicate and obtain entertainment. This means that we need to be able to turn data into information and use that information to make good decisions. This allows us to be more effective and efficient. Individuals who possess this ability have a significant advantage over those that do not. This class will help you gain valuable skills in this area. The emphasis in this course is on the practical application of computer and telecommunication technology. Topics include essential concepts of computers, software and multimedia applications, the Internet, management databases, information systems in organizations, and developing decision support systems. You will learn several software applications including Excel, Solver, VBA, MS Access, and HTML. Finally, this class will help you determine whether you might be interested in becoming an information systems professional. Systems are becoming increasingly essential in all areas of an organization and the vast majority of IS work cannot be outsourced. The work is both challenging and interesting and the career pays very well. The field offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth and upward mobility. The IS Department in the Marriott School of business is a world leader in IS education. IS graduates at BYU are among the highest paid and most heavily recruited graduates at BYU. Pre/Co-requisites : Information Systems 100 (spreadsheet skills) - must be completed prior to or no later than the first block of the ISys 201 semester . Knowledge of word processing software is a strict prerequisite to this course. No class time will be spent reviewing any basic software applications! Laptop Computer: Some sections of this course are designated as "Laptop Only." These sections require that students bring their own laptop computer for use in class. The laptop must have Microsoft Office 2010 installed with MS Access 2010. Please see the technology page on the class website for suggested computer specifications. Course updates:
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Syllabus - Dr. Douglas Dean: 786 TNRB (Mondays and...

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