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1.4 Get Connected Follow-up Assignment

1.4 Get Connected Follow-up Assignment - Get Connected...

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Unformatted text preview: Get Connected Follow ­up Assignment Rev: 8/28/08 Description Nearly all class announcements and out ­of ­class communication will be conducted through email. This assignment is designed to ensure that you can send and receive class information electronically. Specifically, it has three objectives: 1. To ensure that the email address we have for you is one you will check regularly. 2. To ensure that you can access the Blackboard website for the class. 3. To ensure that you are aware of the homework email address for your section of the class and can successfully send an email attachment to that account. This assignment is worth 10 points and will be part of your homework/quizzes grade for the class. Part 1 – Check and Update (if necessary) your Email Address on Route Y Log on to Route Y on the BYU website http://ry.byu.edu. Navigate to through the Route Y menu and click on the “Personal Information” link (Figure 1). Review your personal information and make sure that it is current. Pay particular attention to the email address. This is the account where we will be sending all class information. If you need to change any of your contact information, click on the “Contact” link (Figure 2) and make the appropriate changes. Figure 1 – Locating Your Personal Information 1 Figure 2 – Changing your Contact Information Feel free to use any email account you wish as your contact email. However, you will need to check your email on this account regularly. You will also want to keep a stable email address throughout the semester. Changing your email address mid ­semester may result in missing information about the class. If you need to change your email during the semester, please make sure that you change the address in your contact information on Route Y and email your instructor and TA about the change. If you choose to use Hotmail for your contact email account, you need to be aware that Hotmail will sometimes identify email coming from BYU as spam. Instructions on how configure Hotmail to not block emails from BYU are found in the “Supplementary Instructions” section at the end of this document. Part 2 – Access the Class Blackboard Website As mentioned in class we will use the Blackboard website extensively as part of this class. You have no doubt accessed Blackboard many times for other classes. If this is your first time using Blackboard, you can find instructions for accessing Blackboard in the “Supplementary Instructions” section at the end of this document. The Blackboard website for Isys 201 will contain announcements from your instructor, lecture notes, keys to homework and practice problems, and your course grades. Take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the Blackboard website for this class. Part 3 – Homework Email Addresses and Submitting File Attachments Each section of the class has an email address set up for submitting homework. You will note that this email address is different from both the instructor and TA email addresses, which are used for correspondence. The homework address is only for submitting homework and will be monitored exclusively to collect homework. The homework email address is: isys201.section#@gmail.com where “section#” is your section number. As an example, if I were in section 2, my homework address would be [email protected] This email address will be used frequently throughout the semester. Navigate to the following link and download the “welcome.ppt” file as instructed on the web site. http://marriottschool.byu.edu/teacher/ISYS201/CommonFiles/FollowUpProblems/GetConnected/ 2 Email the “welcome.ppt” file as an attachment to the homework email address for your section. In the subject of the email include your section number, your name, and “Email Attachment Assignment” as outlined below. Subject: Section #  ­ Last Name, First Name; Email Attachment Assignment If you are unclear how to send a file attachment, please contact your instructor or TA for assistance. Deliverables Email the “welcome.ppt” file as an attachment to the homework email address for your section as described in Part 3 of this document. 3 Supplementary Instructions 1. Getting Course Information through Blackboard Use your NetID to log into Route Y followed by your password; this will take you to the Route Y Interchange. 4 After logging into your Route Y account, locate and click on the Blackboard link to access the login screen for Blackboard. Or you can go directly to the webpage, http://blackboard.byu.edu to login. Click on the Information Systems 201 link that corresponds to your section. 2. For Hotmail users… Sometimes Hotmail’s spam blockers end up blocking messages from professors or classmates. There is an easy way to set email coming from byu.edu as a safe sender. As shown above, select the Mail tab, then click on Options. 5 Select Junk E ­Mail Protection, then Safe List. You will then be able to type in “Safe” domains, such as byu.edu. Finish by clicking Add. 6 ...
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