2.1 DB_Project

2.1 DB_Project - R: 6/28/11 Database Queries Project (75...

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R: 6/28/11 Database Queries Project (75 Points) In this project, you will analyze American Fork Auto Sales (AFAS) practices using database queries. Download the full version of the ―AFAS_Sales‖ database from the class website. This has more data than the database you created if you completed the optional DB Build Follow-up Assignment. For each question below, create one query as a basis for the answer to each question. To create the deliverable which will be turned in, do the following: 1. Open up Microsoft Word. 2. Type in the question number. 3. Create and run the query in Microsoft Access. 4. Type in your answer to the question after the question number. 5. Paste the records from your supporting query below your answer. (Note: If your query yields more than 15 records, paste only the first 15 into your Word document.) 6. Type the total number of records on the next line afterward. (This is very helpful to the TA for grading purposes.) Note : For many questions, the query result alone will completely answer the question—i.e., you will not have to do step 4 for some questions. The directions will be explicit in these cases. Also, to copy records from Access into Word, click on the top-left corner of the spreadsheet showing your query results. This will select all of the records. Press Ctrl+C and then navigate to your Word document and press Ctrl+V. To select records individually, click on the gray box to the left of a record and drag up or down to select multiple records. Project Questions
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2.1 DB_Project - R: 6/28/11 Database Queries Project (75...

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