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Basics Practice Exam 3 KEY - Rob - Basics Practice...

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Basics Practice Examination #3 ANSWER KEY M Com 320 Words 1. Which of the following words is an adjective? A melting noun (160/167) B meld verb (160) C mellow adjective (160) D melody noun (160) 2. Which of the following words is spelled correctly? A occurrence B symetrical symmetrical C prestigous prestigious D cemetary cemetery 3. Which of the following words is misspelled? A rhythm B license C irrelevant D noticable noticeable 4. Which sentence incorporates correct word usage? (161-162) A After three days without rain, the new plants were dying. B He sent her to lay down because her face was so white. lie C When the manager arrived, the policeman appraised her of the situation. apprised D The university offers most of the standard majors, i.e ., biology, math, and English. e.g. 5. Which sentence incorporates correct word usage? (161-162) A They ran further down the hall to catch the door before it locked. farther B A board of directors is a good source of counsel for managers. C Their prototype isn’t finished; in fact, its practically falling apart. it’s D He came by to insure that we didn’t need any help moving in. ensure Sentence Basics For questions 6-15, mark A for simple sentences, B for complex sentences, C for compound sentences, and D for compound-complex sentences. 6. A Due to the glass shortage, we will slow production by 25 percent this week. 7. D After she visits all of the Portuguese stores, she always takes a week-long vacation in Europe and her children often come along. 8. C The broken refrigerator made cooking difficult; even for professional caterers, getting the food ready on time was a challenge. 9. A Racing down the freeway going thirty miles over the speed limit guaranteed him a ticket. 10. B A neighbor called out to say hello while he was running down the street 11. A Annual meetings create more work for the entire staff, which has already been working full time. 6
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12. C He didn’t enjoy training, especially by himself, but the new store owners deserved the best possible chance of success. 13. D While the storm raged, our rain gutter flooded and the carpet by the window got ruined. 14. C She hit her head in a rugby game, and her teammates took her immediately to the hospital to get stitches. 15. B Although they were given three months advance warning, the staff weren’t prepared for the inspections. For questions 16-20, mark A for phrases, B for dependent clauses, and C for independent clauses. 16. A Her red pocketknife from Switzerland 17. C The chicken will be ready for dinner 18. B While she kept typing 19. C Take a tissue with you 20. A For the best seats in the house 21. Which sentence best applies sentence-subject guidelines? A
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Basics Practice Exam 3 KEY - Rob - Basics Practice...

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