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Basics Practice Exam 1

Basics Practice Exam 1 - Basics Practice Examination#1 M...

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Basics Practice Examination #1 M Com 320 Words 1. Which of the following words is an adjective? A real B really C reality D realness 2. Which of the following words is spelled correctly? A recievable B seperation C cancelation D proceed 3. Which of the following words is spelled correctly? A auxilary B harass C siezure D hinderance 4. Which of the following sentences incorporates correct word usage? A I think the experimental drug effected his overall mood in a negative way. B The latest release is a complimentary product to the KR4-338. C We had fewer people attend the city council meeting than I expected. D I think I’ll go lay down and take a quick nap. 5. Which of the following sentences incorporates correct word usage? A We’ll pay the principal and interest on Loan #2289-775 by 1 July. B I think its going to be a long time before we can expect a change in interest rates. C The new property-damage policy will ensure us for over $3 million. D The further we climbed up the trail, the more precarious the footing became. Sentence Basics For questions 6-15, mark A for simple sentences, B for complex sentences, C for compound sentences, and D for compound-complex sentences. 6. After working for Kemper, I took a job with Allstate. 7. Although we had a good time in Hartford, we didn’t find much genealogical information. 8. We flew out of Salt Lake City and landed in London, feeling very tired after a long trip. 9. After a short nap, we toured the BMW plant in Munich, and then we drove to the site of the 1972 Olympic games. 10. The new deposit-box procedures, written by the consultant, are much clearer than the old ones written eight years ago. 11. After I purchased the oil painting in San Francisco, I shipped it to Chicago and then hung it above the desk in my office. 12. Although I couldn’t attend, I enjoyed reading your summary and I plan to attend the next meeting. 13. I’m sorry to give you this bad news—you are being temporarily laid off this Friday. 14. Our motel rooms—both first and second floors—are completely booked, but we can reserve a room for you in the motel next door. 15. I’d like to go with you on the next photography outing, although I don’t have a good camera. 1
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For questions 16-20, mark A for phrases, B for dependent clauses, and C for independent clauses. 16. Although you submitted the materials on time 17. In spite of yesterday’s heavy snowfall 18. To succeed in this class 19. The road was blocked by the broken tree branch 20. After running all that distance to catch the bus 21. Which sentence best applies sentence-subject guidelines? A Many people believe that it’s not what you know, but who you know that counts. B It’s going to be cloudy and rainy this weekend, so bring an umbrella. C There will be a shortage of seating, so we won’t be able to invite extra guests to the performance.
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