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Basics Practice Exam 2 KEY - Rob

Basics Practice Exam 2 KEY - Rob - Basics Practice...

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Basics Practice Examination #2 ANNOTATED ANSWER KEY M Com 320 Words 1. Which of the following words is an adjective? A my pronoun (160) B extremely adverb (160) C simplicity noun (160) D lovely adjective (160) 2. Which of the following words is spelled correctly? A pasttime pastime B supercede supersede C privelege privilege D misspell 3. Which of the following words is spelled correctly? A renumeration remuneration B hygiene C judgement judgment D wierd weird 4. Which of the following sentences incorporates correct word usage? A His counsel proved invaluable when I made the final decision. B Because we were insured with State Farm, we were able to purchase a new car almost immediately. (161) C She was pleased to receive the compliment on her hard work. (161) D He presented the principal reasons why our investment would be worthwhile. (162) 5. Which of the following sentences incorporates correct word usage? A He remained stationary for five minutes after they had left. (162) B If you’re looking for new employees, please consider my brother. (162) C All she wanted was to lie down and rest after working a 12-hour day. D The company’s growth had a positive effect on everyone. (161) Sentence Basics For questions 6-15, mark A for simple sentences, B for complex sentences, C for compound sentences, and D for compound-complex sentences. 6. B If you are available at 3 p.m., I’ d love to meet with you to discuss growth options. 7. D After you call her, she can complete her portion and I can submit the project. 8. A Every morning, he woke up at 5 a.m. to go running before work. 9. B Even the simplest task is difficult if instructions are not followed precisely. 10. C Stay in Chicago tonight, or take a late flight to Phoenix. 11. B I will set up the appointment while you finalize the presentation. 12. D The company will use the new software if you install it by next Monday; otherwise , they will return it to the previous vendor. 13. C They had restructured the human resources department many times, yet they still received regular complaints. 14. A Because of your management experience, the board will ask you to oversee the California project. 15. B Although she met the requirements, she knew that they would never hire her. For questions 16-20, mark A for phrases, B for dependent clauses, and C for independent clauses. 16. B Unless he took preventive measures 17. C She ran down the road 18. A In the event of a tie 19. B Wherever he purchased the painting
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20. A Taking control of the situation 21. Which sentence best applies sentence-subject guidelines? A They recommend arriving early because there was a big line last night. Weak subject (165 #1) B We must act immediately; any delay will destroy our chance of success. C The completion of our investigation of the crime scene will delay the public release of the list of the suspects . S & V far apart, nominalization (166 #2) (165 #1) D It is important that this information not be shared openly until next Tuesday. Weak subject (165 #1) 22.
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