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Basics Practice Examination #3 M Com 320 Words 1. Which of the following words is an adjective? A melting B meld C mellow D melody 2. Which of the following words is spelled correctly? A occurrence B symetrical C prestigous D cemetary 3. Which of the following words is misspelled? A rhythm B license C irrelevant D noticable 4. Which sentence incorporates correct word usage? A After three days without rain, the new plants were dying. B He sent her to lay down because her face was so white. C When the manager arrived, the policeman appraised her of the situation. D The university offers most of the standard majors, i.e., biology, math, and English. 5. Which sentence incorporates correct word usage? A They ran further down the hall to catch the door before it locked. B A board of directors is a good source of counsel for managers. C Their prototype isn’t finished; in fact, its practically falling apart. D He came by to insure that we didn’t need any help moving in. Sentence Basics For questions 6-15, mark A for simple sentences, B for complex sentences, C for compound sentences, and D for compound-complex sentences. 6. Due to the glass shortage, we will slow production by 25 percent this week. 7. After she visits all of the Portuguese stores, she always takes a week-long vacation in Europe and her children often come along. 8. The broken refrigerator made cooking difficult; even for professional caterers, getting the food ready on time was a challenge. 9. Racing down the freeway going thirty miles over the speed limit guaranteed him a ticket. 10. A neighbor called out to say hello while he was running down the street 11. Annual meetings create more work for the entire staff, which has already been working full time. 4
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12. He didn’t enjoy training, especially by himself, but the new store owners deserved the best possible chance of success. 13. While the storm raged, our rain gutter flooded and the carpet by the window got ruined. 14. She hit her head in a rugby game, and her teammates took her immediately to the hospital to get stitches. 15. Although they were given three months advance warning, the staff weren’t prepared for the inspections. For questions 16-20, mark A for phrases, B for dependent clauses, and C for independent clauses. 16. Her red pocketknife from Switzerland 17. The chicken will be ready for dinner 18. While she kept typing 19. Take a tissue with you 20. For the best seats in the house 21. Which best applies sentence-subject guidelines? A Demonstrations which are meant to protest against the tax increases will be held in the park on Saturdays. B Because of her prompt response, no problems emerged. C If we take action now, there will be no competition. D Her rejection of the invitation he had extended increased his frustration about the entire situation.
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