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Case/Agreement/Reference 1. C I Pamela’s mother said s h e needs to eat better foods and lose about 20 pounds. Ambiguous reference (p. 180 #8) 3. C I One of the ads that were placed in Sunday’s newspapers we r e printed upside down. [was] Refers to “One of the ads” not the “newspapers” (p. 179 #1) 4. C I The recruiter told we students that we should spend more time researching the companies’ financials. 5. C [Several companies.] [us] Objective case (p. 176 #1) Either Andrew or h im is willing to consider that restriction. [he] Subjective case. “Him is” doesn’t make sense, “he is” 6. C I My d a ug h t e r’ s car received heavy damage to it s rear bumper. [Two daughters.] [daughters’ and its] Place the apostrophe after the plural form of the word (p. 176 #2). Don’t add apostrophe for personal possessive pronouns such as 7. C I She is the one wh o m is responsible for the success of this group. [who] Subjective case. Could replace whom/who with him/he… “him is” doesn’t make sense, “he is” does. (p. 176 #1) 8. C I I’m sure it was him th a t caused the problem. [he who] Subjective case (p. 174 #1). Who refers to people (p. 180 #6) The Jensens’ house is the last one on the right side of the street.
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