New Punctuation Key (Laura)

New Punctuation Key (Laura) - Punctuation Quiz Key: I =...

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Punctuation Quiz Key: I = Incorrect C = Correct 1. C I I have another meeting at 10 a.m., however, I’ll hurry to your meeting just as soon as my meeting ends. [10 a.m.; however,] Two independent clauses joined by a conjunctive adverb (p. 171 #1) 2. C I Keith asked that all employees “submit their report no later than June 9”. 3. C I We would like you to teach the two and four-week management courses in July. [two-] Floating hyphen (p. 172 #2) 4. C I I will be transferred to Denver; Kristi to Miami. [Kristi,] Need comma to replace “will be transferred to” (p. 169) 5. C I Two of the above mentioned employees work at Simpson Springs, the weighing- and coal-screening site 25 miles east of the mine. [above-mentioned and weighing] “Above” and “mentioned” are compound adjectives so you need a hyphen. (p. 172 #2) “Weighing” does not modify “screening” so you do not need a hyphen after weighing (p. 172 #2) 6. C I Scott has been arriving late—and leaving early—much to the dismay of his supervisor and fellow- 7. C I workers. [fellow workers] Only one modifier so no hyphen is needed (p. 172 #2) In spite of Ben’s alleged policy violations, it was a short sighted decision to terminate him so abruptly. [Short- sighted] Compound adjectives (p. 172 #2) 8. C I Three key problems were found; (a) company policy was violated, (b) managers were poorly trained and (c) employees were unaware of the monitoring system. [found: and trained,] Colon is preceded by a full independent clause (p. 171 #1). Need a comma to separate ALL items in a series (p. 170 #3) 9. C I After visiting the business three different times, I submitted the following recommendations: (a) hire a
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New Punctuation Key (Laura) - Punctuation Quiz Key: I =...

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