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NetID: Problem 2 ( 24 points ) Database Design You have been asked to design a database of college basketball teams, in time for March Madness, with the following constraints: 1. Each Team has a unique TeamID, a TeamName, and a Seed. 2. Each Player has a unique Number, a Name, and belongs to exactly one Team. It is impossible for a player to not belong to a Team. 3. The Number of a Player is unique within a Team, but is not unique across Teams. In other words, it is not possible that two Players on the same Team both have the Number 30. However, it is possible that two players on different Teams both have the Number 30. 4. Teams play with each other in Games. Each Game consists of exactly two Teams, a Home Team and an Away Team (hint: think of it as each Game having one relationship with each Team, Home Team and Away Team). 5. Players play in Games - over the course of the tournament a Player might play in one, many, or no Games. Each Game will have several Players playing. 6. Each Game has a unique GameID. (a) Draw an ER diagram for this database. Be sure to mark the multiplicity of each relationship (1-1, 1-many, many-many, any weak entities, etc) of the diagram. Decide the key attributes and identify them on the diagram by underlining them. State all assumptions you make. ( 12 points ) Solution: 1
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NetID: (b) Translate your ER diagram into a relational schema. Select approaches that yield the fewest
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midtermtutorialsol - NetID: Problem 2 (24 points ) Database...

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