learning & motivation- final paper

learning & motivation- final paper - Susan Martinez...

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Susan Martinez Barbara Kucinski December 9, 2011
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This semester my UTA experience was under Dr . Barbara Kucinski in PSY 0405: . My responsibilities under her supervision were to attend class, hold office hours, grade in-class extra credit activities, write questions for quizzes and exams, and overall help with settling the class . The vast duties I’ve held have had its ups and downs, but has shaped my experience to be something I can remember, value, and learn from . My responsibilities as a UTA have definitely impacted my daily schedule . Given that I juggle an athletic schedule, full-time student schedule, and a part-time work schedule . However, when I first scheduled my semester I made sure to make being a UTA a priority . I scheduled my office hours ahead of work and athletics, and as my schedule shifts daily I still work around being a UTA . My office hours maintain at two hours per week, as well as attending, class every Monday night . Given that my time is limited, I use it wisely to get my work done. I tend to correct in-class activities during my office hours or think of creative ways to come up with
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learning & motivation- final paper - Susan Martinez...

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