learning & motivation ta- midterm paper

learning & motivation ta- midterm paper - Susan...

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Susan Martinez PSY 405 – Learning and Motivation Dr . Barbara Kucinski October 14, 2011
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My duties as a UTA under Dr . Barbara Kucinski are to assist her in basic class conduct, worksheet, quiz and exam questions, as well as, the grading of in-class exercises under her supervision, and holding office hours twice a week for one hour . I attend every class and help with handing back assignments, worksheets, and in general getting class settled before lecture begins . Throughout class, I follow along with lecture notes and add in extra information when needed . However, the bulk of my time in class is spent by taking the lecture information and trying to relate it to daily life examples or experiences that would make for good quiz or test questions . I also contribute by answering questions in class from another perspective, and responding to emails . During office hours, I usually do work pertaining to the class, if not my own . Most of the time, students do not come in until there is a quiz or exam coming up. In that case, my tutoring skills come into play and I am able to connect with students by relating the key
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learning & motivation ta- midterm paper - Susan...

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