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learning & motivation TA- Quiz #1

learning & motivation TA- Quiz #1 - of signing into...

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Quiz #1 Short Answer Q: Name the behavioral approach. A: public observation, measurement, replication, verification, communication, external/environmental events, small units of behavior Q: Your social Interaction is at a low. You decide to go on Facebook and Twitter. What type of mechanism of behavioral change occurred: maturation, motivation, learning? Explain. A: Motivation , because the behavior was brought on by a built up internal energy for social interaction, which caused the behavior
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Unformatted text preview: of signing into Facebook and Twitter. Matching 1. Tickling (answer: f) 2. Relatively permanent change in behavior that results from experience with the environment (answer: c) 3. Decrease in response (answer: d) 4. Thomas Brown (answer: e) 5. Behaviors are innate (answer: b) 6. Contiguity, similarity, contrast (answer: a) a. Principles of association b. Nativism c. Learning d. Habituation e. Secondary principles of association f. sensitization...
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