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research methods- extra credit - Susan Martinez March 4...

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Susan Martinez March 4, 2010 Professor Riechle Research Methods Extra Credit: Phrenology The study of phrenology stated that personality traits are derived from the shape of the skull. Discovered by Franz Joseph Gall, he was the one of the first scientists to directly refer to the brain as the home of all mental activities. Now considered a “pseudoscience”, phrenology was predominant in the early 19 th century in the world of psychology. However, how can it be illegitimate when there is specific evidence concluding that certain areas of the brain correspond to personality traits? Hence, if there are exact areas of the brain that depict ones personality, then some areas should be larger than others in the formation of the brain; and because the skull is shaped around the size of the brain, it explains the reasons why there are lumps on some spots of the skull, and dents on others. Gall created a series of impeccable arguments for his study, which laid the ground rules for phrenology; “moral and intellectual faculties are innate, their exercise or manifestation depends on organization, the brain is the organ of all the propensities, sentiments and faculties, the brain is composed of many particular organs as there are propensities, sentiments and faculties which differ essentially from each other, the form of the head or cranium represents the form of the brain, and thus reflects the relative development of the brain organs” (The History of Phrenology). Faculties, as Gall referred to them, were aspects of character. He considered the faculties
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research methods- extra credit - Susan Martinez March 4...

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