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Unformatted text preview: <1> Accession Number Peer Reviewed Journal: 2009-23974-006. Title Randomised controlled trial of parent groups for child antisocial behaviour targeting multiple risk factors: The SPOKES project. [References]. Publication Date Jan 2010 Year of Publication 2010 Publication History Accepted: May 2009 Author Scott, Stephen; Sylva, Kathy; Doolan, Moira; Price, Jenny; Jacobs, Brian; Crook, Carolyn; Landau, Sabine. E-Mail Address Scott, Stephen: [email protected] Source Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Vol.51(1), Jan 2010, pp. 48-57. Other Publishers Blackwell Publishing; United Kingdom Abstract Background: There is a pressing need for cost-effective population-based interventions to tackle early-onset antisocial behaviour. As this is determined by many factors, it would seem logical to devise interventions that address several influences while using an efficient means of delivery. The aim of this trial was to change four risk factors that predict poor outcome: ineffective parenting, conduct problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, and...
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